Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can only come for part of the time?
To qualify for the professional development accreditation and the stipend, attendance at all sessions is required.
Why is it important to keep track of my registration confirmation and bar code (Unique Identifier)?
On-site attendance to all sessions will be confirmed with barcode scanning, you will receive your unique barcode as part of the registration process.
Can I bring my family?
Because this is a work function, participation in the classes is limited to educators only, sorry but no family members may attend.
Will I get a certificate to document my professional development?
Yes, at the conclusion of this program a certificate will be awarded on-site to all educators that complete this training.
Can I receive mileage reimbursement or Per Diem for this training?
Breakfast and Lunch are provided, only dinner will be on your own each evening. The $1200 stipend is provided to pay any ancillary costs associated with attending this training.
Why are you asking for both my personal phone and email?
We are requesting both your personal phone and email to ensure that you receive all important details and updates regarding the event. Sometimes school emails can block communications, so having both phone and email contact information will ensure that you receive all necessary information.
Upon completion of this 3-day training, your payment will be mailed directly to you at the address you provided during registration.
What if I receive the email but not the Pandadoc email?
If you have not received the Pandadoc email, we recommend that you check your spam folder or search for “Pandadoc” in your email search bar.
How do I register if I want to attend even though I am not eligible for a stipend due to my position?
You can still register for the event regardless of your eligibility for a stipend.
I completed the Civics Professional Development training last year and/or the Civics Seal of Excellence. Can I still attend this year and am I eligible for a stipend?
Yes, you can attend this year’s Professional Development training even if you completed it last year or received the Civics Seal of Excellence. You are still eligible for the $1200 stipend if you complete this year’s training.
What if I don't get the breakout sessions I want?
The 3-Day Professional Development event includes 12 breakout sessions, of which you can attend eight. All attendees must attend the Federalism and State Government session, and you can choose seven other sessions on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure the sessions you want, it is recommended that you register as soon as possible. If you are attending with a colleague and wish to attend the same sessions, please plan accordingly during registration.
What if I forget which breakout sessions I signed up for during registration?
You can check your selected sessions in the “Orders” section of your MY ACCOUNT area to view your breakout session selections.